Financial Solutions

At Primrose Lane we understand the economic challenges that individuals face when the need  long term care arises.  Primrose Lane has partnered and contracted with several organizations that provide financial assistance or reimbursement for long term care. The following information highlights several excellent financial options that can help ease the financial burdens associated with the specialized care older adults require.

Veterans Benefits

Adult Day Care services are included in the VHA Standard Medical Benefits Package.  All enrolled Veterans are eligible if they meet the clinical need for day care services.  The benefit can cover services up to 5 times a week.  Primrose Lane is contracted with the Veterans Administration to provide day care services in Bexar County.  Call today to start receiving exceptional care for your loved one and the much needed respite for you with no out of pocket expense.

Long Term Care Insurance

LTC plans pay for care and services needed by elderly or disabled individuals that are not covered by regular health insurance. Benefit payments from these policies are triggered when the elderly or disabled individuals are unable to do at least two of six Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) on their own (eating, bathing, toileting, continence, dressing and transferring). While there are LTC plans that are comprehensive and cover a myriad of services, some policies are bought to pay for services provided only in facilities such as adult day care centers and assisted living facilities.

Life Care Funding

Life Care Funding converts a Life Insurance Policy into a Long Term Care Benefit Plan to help seniors pay for Day Care, Assisted Living and Nursing Home Care.  Founded in 2007, Life Care Funding assists people in need of funds to cover the costs of long term care by converting the death benefit of an in-force life insurance policy into a Long Term Care Benefit Plan.

  • Simple, no-cost application and no-obligation review process
  • No age minimum
  • No premium payments
  • All types of in-force life insurance quality
  • Monthly payment made directly to care provider/facility
  • Provides funeral expense

For more information please contact Trevor Nicholson at Life Care Funding at 1-888-670-7773 x6625.